NextStep Student Perspectives: Madeline Vuong


Hi, I’m Madeline!

My whole career has been about understanding people and reaching them through stories. After graduating from Williams College, I began my career as a journalist. Then, I was recruited by a digital marketing agency and moved into marketing strategy role. And this fall, I will be attending Chicago Booth for my MBA.

I got to know NextStep Careers through Emily’s 3-part webinar series for the Forte Foundation. Emily not only gave great career advice in a fun way (think hilarious dating analogies), but also told us what her advice looked like in action. Her tips and frameworks gave me a way to find out what career paths were out there, and then find the one that was the best match for me. As soon as I finished the webinars, I knew that I wanted to do 1:1 coaching through NextStep.

Now that have been through the whole NextStep coaching program, I am excited to share my experiences with you through a series of guest blog posts. My first post is all about how NextStep helped me to land several pre-MBA summer opportunities. You can read it here.



Madeline Vuong is a guest writer for NextStep. She is currently attending Chicago Booth for her MBA.


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