Our Story


NextStep Founder and CEO Emily Taylor has been a leader in education for over 15 years, working with over 3,000 students to reach their next step. Over the course of her career, Emily found that colleges were doing a great job of teaching students how to write and think critically, but they were NOT teaching students how to get a job after graduation. And that was a big problem.

College career centers have the best of intentions, but they don’t have the resources to give students the personalized, 1:1 guidance they need to succeed. In fact, a 2014 study by Millennial Branding and InternMatch, showed that the average ratio of students to career service professionals is 1,889 to one!

And while 64% of students found their college career services accessible, more than half said career services are “never or rarely effective in helping them land a job” and are “never or rarely helpful in helpful in helping them figure out a career path.”

That’s why 1:1 career coaching really matters! It offers the individualized attention that college career centers simply can not provide. And it’s also why Emily founded NextStep: to offer best-in-class, personalized coaching to define and reach your goals.