Our Founder

NextStep Careers was founded by Emily Taylor, who has spent her career coaching clients and students to achieve their goals. Emily brings first-hand experience of the hiring process from the employer’s side and the selection process from a business school career center and admissions perspective. This means she can tell you with certainty what it takes to shine. Over the past 15 years, Emily has used her insider knowledge to help thousands career seekers take their next step.

Emily graduated from Stanford University with a BA and Masters degree, and began her career as a college counselor, where she had a 100% placement rate. And they didn’t just get in anywhere: Emily placed over 500 students at top schools in America, including Harvard, Stanford, and Yale.

Next step was an MBA at UCLA Anderson. From there, she went to Revolution Prep, the nation’s largest classroom-based SAT prep provider, where she earned rave reviews using her training expertise to create engaging learning experiences for over 30,000 students. She went on to manage all recruiting, hiring and human resources as the VP of Talent.

Emily returned to UCLA Anderson to redesign their career education program. She coached over 2,000 students in career management and transformed UCLA’s Career Services Center into the  #1 career services program in the top 20 business schools. While she was proud of this achievement, Emily was frustrated that so many others were not receiving this critical career counseling. This inspired her to found NextStep Careers. The NextStep team is proud to have successfully coached clients in 30 cities in 6 different countries and are now coaching the friends, coworkers, classmates, siblings, and significant others who keep getting referred.