Our business would not work without clients who love us and who refer us to their friends (and significant others!). We like to joke, but we get serious results. Read what our clients have to say.

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 3.30.27 PM“During my most recent job search, Emily helped me revise both my resume and LinkedIn profile, increasing my hit rate with recruiters and interested companies. Emily’s support and coaching helped me achieve great results: final rounds with four major companies, and two job offers, all during a pandemic. Emily is the first person I contact whenever I am contemplating a big career move.”Joie Bernabe, Senior Brand Manager at Electronic Arts

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 3.05.21 PM“Emily guided me through the career search process, enabling me to make the switch from screenwriting in LA to working in tech in SF. I landed a role at a high growth media startup, which was acquired a year later. I would definitely recommend NextStep to anyone embarking on a career switch.”Evan Alpaugh, Senior Content Strategist at Tubi

“Emily was instrumental in helping me navigate my resume, and the application and interview process. She really helped me realize my strengths and focus my search. She even assisted in helping me work through a tough negotiation in the role I was in at the time. My time working with Emily was transformative, and having her by my side to help me organize my thoughts, and understand the value I bring to the table was beyond valuable.”—Jamie Danno, International Marketing Manager at Starbucks

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 4.26.09 PM“Emily is the master of career coaching. She was instrumental, not only in resuscitating my out-of-date resume and overhauling my LinkedIn profile to better communicate and elevate my personal brand, but in guiding me through a very challenging job market when it came to etiquette, networking, and interviewing. It is with the upmost enthusiasm that I recommend NextStep Careers for anyone looking to make a move or seeking professional counsel.” Emily Hampson, Sales Management at Sonder

“From Day 1, she vastly exceeded my expectations as she knew exactly how best to tailor my resume for various jobs and industries I was looking at, had the latest insights on how to optimize my LinkedIn profile, and was kind enough to help setup several informational interviews through connections in her vast network. I will absolutely be seeking Emily’s help again down the line and I could not recommend Emily more highly!”Glenn Gutierrez, Senior Global Brand Manager at Riot Games

“Emily is an incredible resource and a delightful person to work with. She is gifted at helping others take the practical steps to advance professionally, providing a unique combination of job market expertise, encouragement, and humor. I highly recommend Emily to anyone seeking to take the next step in their career.”Daniela Grinblatt, Program Manager at Waymo

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 3.38.49 PM“I first worked with Emily when I was a student at UCLA Anderson – making one of my first big career pivots into Management Consulting. Most recently I worked with her on a mid career job search – and another big industry pivot. Within a few sessions, I had a fantastic updated resume and built out LinkedIn profile to confidently go out there and sell myself!”Mark Joshua, Director of Sales at Confirm

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 4.00.12 PM“Whatever the professional challenge you are facing, Emily will coach you through it with stunning results. She helped me turn around my EMBA application in one week — and I was admitted into UCLA Anderson. She has helped me transform my resume, LinkedIn profile, and interviewing skills. I sing her praises to anyone I encounter who is job-hunting or in the middle of MBA applications. I can promise you, her expertise is worth every dollar.”Anna Monette Roberts, Director of Growth, and Marketing at Brava Home


“Emily helps you to turn your strengths and interests into an action plan for your career. She helps you select your best stories and coaches you on how to share them for maximum impact. She is an amazing mentor and we’ve shared a lot of laughs together! ” —Madeline (Vuong) Jones, Project Leader at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business MBA

Betsy_Blakeley“Before working with Emily, I would freeze up in interviews. Despite having decent work experience, I lacked the knowledge and confidence for how to convey it. Since working with Emily, I have learned to present my best self to interviewers. I greatly increased the number of follow up interviews I was asked to, and received offers from four different companies.” —Betsy Blakeley, Marketing Manager, Mattel

Phil_McKennan_Circle“Two people received a shoutout at my wedding: the obstetrician who delivered me…and Emily. It was because of Emily that I got into my dream college, Berkeley. When I was ready to take the next step and get my MBA, she was the first person I called. Emily worked with me on all my applications and I ended up exactly where I wanted—at one of the very top MBA programs in the country—Duke’s Fuqua School of Business.”—Phil McKennan, Head of Technology Partnerships at Qualtrics, former Senior Account Executive, Salesforce

“Emily knew how to make my resume and LinkedIn profile stand out by highlighting my most important accomplishments and attributes. She also helped me prepare for interviews, gave pointers throughout the offer process, and was always thinking ten steps ahead about how I should position myself for future success. I highly recommend her!”—Marietta Coburn, Strategy and Operations, Global Partnerships at Google

“I was struggling with translating my military service into skills and relatable experiences for business school. Then I found Emily and she absolutely transformed my resume. She taught me the value of my experiences and how to talk about them to interviewers. Emily kept me focused and got me into every school I applied for.”Jeffrey Trezza, Producer at Bethesda Softworks

“Emily completely revamped my out-of-date resume and LinkedIn, and helped me highlight the relevant experiences I had that would make me an appealing candidate for an MBA. Her coaching led me to fantastic results–not only did I get accepted into my dream school, but I was also recruited for my most recent position thanks to my revamped LinkedIn profile. Her expertise is worth every dollar.”Deniz Şahintürk, MBA Candidate at the NYU Stern School of Business

“Emily’s coaching was the pivotal support I needed to apply to my dream school and I received the exciting news that I had been accepted for the incoming class! I had been on the fence about pursuing a graduate degree for several years. Emily encouraged me to do so and within a few weeks I was able to put together an impressive application. Emily also helped me navigate the application process while holding a demanding job.”Adena Merabi, Senior Agency Partner Manager at Okendo 

Danielle_McKennan_CircleEmily helped me to craft a compelling story for each school and made me feel confident in myself throughout the business school application process. Not only did Emily keep me sane, but I don’t know if I would have made it into Kellogg without her!” —Danielle (Culin) McKennan, Revenue Operations at Workday, Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management MBA

“Working with Emily, I was able to achieve a couple of things: 1. Teach me how to tell my career story better than I ever could before through building my resume and coaching me through interview processes. 2. Pivot out of the financial industry and into healthcare, which has lead me to tech. Not only that, Emily is one of the kindest and most genuine people to work with when it comes to enhancing your professional career. I’m so lucky to have been given the chance to work with her.”Tiffany Pei, Web Production Manager at Workday

Cousin_John_Colarusso_Circle“Emily Taylor is legit. We started working together my sophomore year. She helped me find the right career path, craft my resume to resonate with recruiters, write killer cover letters, and refine my interview answers to impress hiring managers. I just landed a full-time consulting offer with Bain.” —John Colarusso, Senior Associate at Charlie Health, former Bain Consultant

Anne_Miller_permission_from_subject“Emily helped my daughter land interviews at some of the top companies in the world, including McKinsey, Proctor & Gamble, The Boston Consulting Group, and Johnson & Johnson. Emily worked with her to determine the company and role that was right for her.” —Anne Miller, Proud Mom

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“Emily was instrumental in helping me find the perfect next step in my biotech career as I was seeking a position where I could lead corporate communications and investor relations. I would strongly recommend Emily if you are looking for support with LinkedIn/resume, if you’re thinking about your career next step, if you want coaching in how to position yourself in an interview, and/or if you are thinking deeply about your unique value adds and how to build out your career. She is an absolute delight to work with, incredibly smart, and a wonderful person.”—Aron Feingold, Head of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations at Geron Corporation

Screenshot 2023-03-30 at 9.39.00 PM“I absolutely recommend Emily as a career coach and career advisor. I was seeking a career transition several years ago, and she was instrumental in helping me navigate through changes. She offers a great balance between strategic insights, positioning (including resume/LinkedIn expertise), and accountability during execution of the plan. It is also helpful that she has a wonderful professional network and knowledge of the latest industry trends.” —Alex Nascimento, Regulatory Affairs Senior Manager at Amgen

Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 9.21.33 PM“I worked with Emily to help with my career search while I was taking a travel break and it was a great experience! Before coming to Emily, my response rate among companies and recruiters was not what I wanted. Through her help, I was able to refocus my story, reformat my resume and update my LinkedIn and my networking skills. I was able to land a great job that I’m happy with and it was really thanks to her. I could not recommend her more! Overall a great experience and a great outcome.”—Quentin Reynolds, Finance and Strategy at Mercury

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