Why NextStep?

We take a unique approach to career coaching that prepares our students for success and we want you to understand exactly what makes us different from our competitors. There are a lot of career coaching services out there – but here’s what makes NextStep special:

Career Path Selection

People who do the very best in their career searches have a target industry and function; however many students are only familiar with the jobs that their parents or friends have. And yet there’s so much more out there! We do a number of personalized assessments to find out what you’re inspired by and where your strengths lie, in order to match you to the right industry and function.

Resume Design


Resume design means creating an individualized resume or portfolio that fits the job or school you’re applying for. Because we know how recruiters read resumes, we make sure that you pass automated resume screens and also stand out when a recruiter actually picks up your application. We work with you to create a document that shows off your best accomplishments in a memorable way, kind of like a highlight reel for your career.

LinkedIn Profiles

Get noticed – in the right way. We know what it takes to drive SEO and discoverability for recruiters searching online. In addition, LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool. We teach you platform search techniques to find the right people to network with to get informationals and land formal interview invites.

Cover Letters

Nobody likes writing cover letters. But at NextStep, we make the process as painless as possible, helping you find your best traits and a story that illustrates them – all in a few paragraphs.

Interview Prep

Learn to ace questions like, “Give me an example of a time that you failed” or “Which division of the company do you think we should divest?” We teach you what hiring managers are really looking for when they ask questions, help you identify your best stories, and then work with you to perfect the delivery so that you shine. (Your verbal fillers will be—um—a thing of the past.)


Once you land a job, we help you feel comfortable negotiating for a compensation package that matches your priorities, whether it’s salary, time off, or a flexible work schedule.