Walk Me Through Your Resume

“Walk me through your resume” is one of the most common interview questions – and one of the most common places that candidates shoot themselves in the foot.

The problem is that the question sounds easy…so people don’t prepare for it as seriously as they do other questions. This is a mistake.

When an interviewer asks you to take them through your resume, this is what they’re really looking for:

1. A crisp, logical story about why you made the decisions you did that takes 2 minutes or less. No interviewer wants to listen to a 10 minute rambling story about your life.

2. An explanation of the transitions – why you changed from one thing to the next. They want to see that you operate with intention, rather than just letting circumstances control you.

3. An explanation of the key skills or accomplishments of each of your roles. This is your chance to draw their eyes to the most important parts of your resume – take advantage of it and highlight your absolute best moments. Don’t waste time on the rest.

4. A link to why you want the job you’re interviewing for. Your resume story should all lead up to the logical next step for you…getting this job!

Hopefully you find these tips about the classic “Walk me through your resume” question helpful. If you want guidance telling your specific story or identifying the most impressive moments to highlight from your resume – reach out. It’s our job to help you shine!

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